What does your agile world look like?

Digital Disruption is a force that is changing the landscape in today’s corporate world. Organisations are not just transforming to agile ways to avoid being disrupted, they are also realising that in an ever-changing business environment, it is important to understand how to maintain the change that is implemented so that it continues to drive value to your people and customers.

Could it be that you are preparing your organisation for an agile transformation or change initiative or, is it that you have embarked on an agile transformation and the journey has been bumpy, unsteady and insecure?

Succeeding in an ever changing environment requires not only a deeper understanding of how to implement agile ways of working, it also requires a cultural shift within your organisation and that means to reset and recalibrate the way your organisation is functioning and thinking on a day to day basis.

Our agile discovery workshop is like no other in that you will get all the insights you need in order to realise the change and how to enable yourselves so that you are able to evolve efficiently when a shift is required in this ridiculously complex era.

Who should attend?

Could it be that you are preparing your organisation for an agile transformation or change initiative or, is it that you have embarked on an agile transformation and the journey has been bumpy, unsteady and insecure?

Having the right people in the room is crucial to the success and we believe it’s your teams, their leaders and key managers who need to be in the room to reap the benefits this workshop will uncover.

Line Managers

Line Managers deal with how a team identifies, prioritises, organises and manages their projects. By taking part, they will adopt a streamlined way to optimise the development of value of your products in a manner that’s sustainable in the long run.

Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters

Whether you are transformed to agile, mid-agile-transformation or starting your transformation journey, your coaches and scrum masters should attend the workshop so they can help their teams generate a delivery roadmap that is aligned to your vision.

Agile Delivery Teams

Your delivery teams are experts who are hired to help organisations deliver on their goals.  Attendees from the teams are typically Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Business Analysts, Developers, Testers, Designers and Engineers who should take part so they can also clearly understand and get transparency on what is the big vision for the organisation.

Agile Leaders

Leaders with the right mindset who know how to lead organisations towards success need to get involved. We should be depending on your leaders to champion of agile ways of working and this workshop will help them get familiar with the current state and where we need to go so they are then able to lead organisations through the right level of change that is needed.

Product Owners

Product Owner is an integral position. They the ‘Voice of the Customer’ and are necessary for enabling teams to build the right thing rather than build the thing right. Their focus is on customer needs and entails frequent interaction between actual customers and their respective delivery teams.  Exposure to this workshop should spark the Product Owners Imagination and help them feel motivated that we can get on track to deliver more efficiently.

Day 1

The first day of the workshop is all about getting to know you and how you function in your day to day practices.

State of the Nations

The first step towards change is understanding what needs to change.  In this session, we learn about your current practices and processes so we can understand how you are delivering your products or services and identify what exactly needs to change.

Zoom in on what needs to change

Having realised your current processes and delivery practices, we can then zoom in to the problem areas and hgelp to identify the key areas that require attention.

Generate ideas and solutions

Having zoomed in on the areas that require some form of change, we will then discuss and present a series of options that will help realise ideas and solutions that will reduce or eliminate the problem areas.

Day 2

Now that we have got to know one another, we can now spend some time introducing you to the tools and practices that you will need to use in order to deliver a solution.

Introduction to tools and practices

Having understood your challenges and the current state of play, the second day introduces your people to tools and practices that we can adopt in order to initiate the change. Day 2 might be as long or as short as the outcomes realised from day one and therefore is tailored to the outcomes realised from day 1.

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Agile World was brought in to save a floundering project. I have always found them to be smart, organised and bring new ideas to the table, and to approach a project from a 'Can-do' perspective. I would have no reservation in recommending them to any potential company.
Mark BeardsworthIHS Markit
Agile World always delivered excellent results and on time. The team are great to work with and I would not hesitate in recommending them for future jobs
David NelsonFujitsu, London
The firm provided excellent support, both on the creative and technical side. The firm is run by serious professionals with real enthusiasm and expertise. They can make a difference.
Andre SokolAkira Partners


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