Our trainers and Agile coaches are experts in their field and hold extensive experience in the execution of introducing theory and practice for agile deliveries. We have trained and coached people at C-level, executives’ level, middle management and delivery teams to introduce, enable and appreciate the requirements needed to implement Agile in practice.

Our trainers deliver accredited courses such as CSM, SAFe, Foundations of Agile and much more. Our coaches help to implement the theories and put them into practice.

Why Train with us?

Our focus is you and how your organisation can implement effective ways of working that delivers value to customers, empowers your staff and puts your organisation on the front foot. We offer both private and public classroom training courses that introduce you to agile in its rawest form.

Public Training

We have teamed up with Gold Scaled Agile Partner Ivar Jacobson to deliver training that teaches the Lean-Agile principles and practices of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®).


If you are looking for bespoke agile classroom based training, then look no further.  Our Trainers hold years of experience and are highly sought after within their area of expertise.