what does a new normal look like?

Get Back on track post lockdown and beyond for Economic Growth and Recovery.

Welcome to the propel business canvas download page

To generate a series of ‘action items’ for your businesses to get back on track, our ‘Propel Business Canvas’ will visualise your goals, support your project teams and help you get back on track or better still, reveal your new normal.



Understand the problem

Who can solve it

Visualise the work

Identify Value

Know the Cost

Watch the walk through video

Before getting started, watch the video below. It will walk you through each one of the 12 quadrants of the Propel Business Canvas and guide you on how to implement it with your team or stakeholders in a workshop setting. The best way to approach this is to create 12 areas signposted with the quadrant headings. Post it notes, sharpies and A boards work best. If you are working remotely, then try a Trello board and create 12 columns for each heading and work through them with your team, adding a card for each section.


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