Our consultants are accredited agilists fully trained with CSM, SAFe, Kanban, Product Management, DevOps and other agile certifications. With this in their toolboxes, they will help to implement the theories and practices needed to help you thrive.

Our Approach

Our focus is you and how your organisation can implement effective ways of working that delivers value to customers, empowers your staff and puts your organisation on the front foot.


We will spend time learning about your organisation and the product you want to build. We get to know your people through a combination of discovery workshops, facilitation sessions, one to one conversations and health checks. These help us understand where your challenges lie and help us devise a strategy that fits.


Having run a series of discovery sessions, observed your current practices and had conversations with your people, we would feedback and validate what we have learnt. This process informs what training we would recommend and how we would deliver it.


Having gathered data and a clear understanding of where things are presently, we will work with you to validate the information and agree a strategy that works. We would include co-creating with your teams and leaders to co-create a vision and roadmap to get there, along with workshops and the sharing of tools and practices that support progress.


Having co-created a plan, sense-checking and refining that plan is also a collaborative effort and we want to get things right. The outcome of this step will tell us how to allocate our consultants with your people and ensure their skills and expertise match the areas that require support.


The refined plan is then validated to ensure organisational buy-in and that we are operating on a pull, not push basis. With the plan agreed and buy-in secured we then jointly prepare for delivery.


Our consultants will work with you to implement and validate success against your agreed roadmap. Our approach will be tailored to ensure we are supporting people and creating positive conditions for change, utilising a mix of coaching, team building, agile implementations, setting up, workshops and open sessions.

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