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With extensive experience in leading successful Agile deliveries for companies large and small, our packages combine Agile techniques with deep industry expertise and experience at all levels within your organisation.


Having supported several organisations on business and process change, our consultants are second to none. We start by conversations that lead us towards the problems that need to be solved and we openly introduce your people to agile tools and practices that will support them. With strong guidance from our consultants, we go fourth to support how change is implemented within your organisation to ensure sustainability.


Our mission is to enable organisations launch great products for tomorrow’s world. What in theory appears to be so straightforward, can in practice, be very challenging. Our consultants will take a look at your project delivery strategies and enable your people to deliver great products that your customers want time and again.


Through business solutions that sustain the future of work, understanding what the 2020 Budget announcement means for businesses and helping you create a solution that delivers under budget.


Having the right teams to deliver your products and services is paramount to it’s success an din some cases you might need to offshore or nearshore.

At Agile World, we offer a unique service that tailor makes your ideal team depending on the product or service you are looking to deliver.  With the passion, drive, mindset and deep understanding of Agile working practices, our remote teams are more likely to deliver products and services that meet the needs of your customers and will build upon the success of your business.