Meet the Team

The truly unique part of Agile World is that our people are seasoned Agile Experts who have a deep understanding of what it takes to work in an agile environment.

We see ourselves as agents of change, here to support and guide you and your people towards ways of working that consistently delivers value. We will support you in moving from your current framework to Agile ways of working, ensuring you embark on a journey of lasting change.

Who are we?

We are change agents determined to make a difference to our clients by focusing on delivering great products and services with great people.

Sheetal Thaker

Founder + Agile People Programmer

I have seen many companies adopt correct and incorrect ways of working using Agile. After implementing Agile in several businesses successfully, I feel it’s time to help many more companies get it right.

Nicholas Peal

Senior Agile Consultant

Transformation doesn’t just happen. It takes both a plan and a support system. By helping organisations deliver value and explore new ways of working, I help indiviuals realise the potential agile ways of working can bring and help them succeed.

David Broderick

CTO, Architect, Program Manager

Skilled and experienced technologist, architect, CTO and manager who delivers results in data science, blockchain, digital identity, robotic process automation, cyber security and digital transformation. Passionate believer in cloud technology, data protection, security by design and agile (scrum) work practices. Embracing microservices and APIs as the key enablement of digital transformation. Experience in delivering programs upto a value of £50 million.

Agile World Associates

All of our associates come from a Business and Information Technology background. We understand what it takes to deliver successful projects and we understand the type of people who can deliver with drive and passion.

Chris Blackwell

Agile Associate

Theresa Sophie Breitsching

Agile Associate

Viktor David

Agile Associate