Deliver high value with team members who align to agile values.


Agile World will provide you with full agile multi-disciplinary teams including SCRUM Masters, product owners, developers, UX/UI experts and architects, supporting your cloud service delivery needs. As true agile advocates, we will align your ways of working to Agile frameworks throughout your entire delivery lifecycle, because we know it works.



We begin by spending time to understand your end users, 3rd party suppliers and all the internal touch points for the service.

We mobilise the team based on skills required and agree delivery scope against a statement of work.


Unless already done, we will host discovery workshops to explore the current landscape, identify all your users, review the technical landscape and understand the problem that needs to be solved. We will collaborate towards visualising a ‘to be’ state.


Having gathered data and a clear understanding of the problem to resolve, we will work to deliver an MVP for Alpha so that we can build prototypes to test your ideas for solutions. Here we focus on what we all believe are the biggest problems that need to be solved and validate our findings.

04 – BETA

Upon completing Alpha, we would deliver the best ideas that transpired from Alpha. This phase prepares you for delivering a solution that meets user needs and enable you to move forward confidently. We would test across a small user base, gather feedback, continue to test and plan for a wider roll out.

05 – LIVE

When we plan for LIVE, we seek to solidify your ways of working, clean up your end to end processes, understand where we can streamline or automate delivery and ensure that the right levels of support are in place. We will transfer, upskill, train and share any knowledge inhouse. We will also agree measures required to sustain your service and agree how we can deliver ongoing operational support.


Our consultants will consistently be demonstrating, sense-checking, reviewing and refining your outcomes. By consistently measuring your progress, we can celebrate your wins and demonstrate your true capabilities.


  • Understanding user needs and the problem to be solved
  • Delivering a joined up service across all the right channels
  • Doing the hard work and making interactions simple to use
  • Ensuring that accessibility for everyone is a priority
  • Adopting agile working practices and delivering continuously
  • Keeping security at the forefront and protecting users’ privacy
  • Continuously measuring progress and outcomes
  • Building excellence by using the right tools and applications upfront
  • Gathering fast feedback with users and customers
  • Building great service capabilities and constantly satisfying your users



  • Tailored digital product delivery service, focusing on user needs
  • Highly sought after, dedicated and committed agile team members
  • Deep agile product delivery experience serving multiple industries
  • Clear, concise and guided roadmap for planning and delivery stages
  • Reduced risk through experimentation, research and prototyping
  • Innovation, leading you towards delivering cutting edge solutions
  • Agile experts delivering the right thing over delivering things right


In today’s challenging times, we actively support our clients to work from home safely. If you need some
 advice on how to manage your agile journey in the current climate, book now for a free 30 minute consultation with one of our agile experts.

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