An Agile Tale – Lessons from Rome

When Julio took on his first corporate role, he entered the world of work with his eyes closed and his hopes high, just as you did. Dreams are a wonderful thing, and the dreams of the naïve are the most … Read More

An Agile Tale – Fishing for Pearls

Tip-Toeing down the stairs, Robbie sneaks into the kitchen. He heard his father, an Oyster Farmer, return from work an hour ago, so Robbie knew there would be a fresh load of oysters in the ice box. In the kitchen, … Read More

An Agile Tale – The Family Budget

It was November and the Hill’s were fighting over the family budget. They were meticulous planners, so would sit down every January 31st to allocate the budget for the year. However, being meticulous planners they would also sit down at … Read More

An Agile Tale – The King’s Heir

Staring deeply into the fireplace is King Rupert the Firm-Stepper. If you were close enough to him, you would hear him slowly repeat the question that he has been contemplating for many moons now. “Who will succeed, who shall rule … Read More

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An Agile Tale – Superman’s Dilemma

At the beginning of each of the George Reeves episodes from the 50’s, we were informed that Superman was: “Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound” Since that … Read More

An Agile Tale – The Best Pizza in Town

This is the tale of why engagement, quality and productivity are suffering in the workplace. We are watching Master Pizza Maker Gustav lovingly place the mozzarella on to what is another celebration of the humble pizza pie. Gustav cares about … Read More

An Agile Tale – Destined to Fly

At what stage do you think a caterpillar knows it will one day be something else? Even if it knows it is destined to transform, do you think it realizes that one day it will flutter over the same ground … Read More

An Agile Tale – The Agile Prison

I watch with sadness as I witness another brick placed firmly in the wall, the structure is a modern building so tempered glass is used in place of steel. The builders pay attention to make sure they follow the plans … Read More