Agile World is a leading transformation company, helping organisations make better decisions in business, operations and technology for tomorrows world.

Transformations across organisations has proven to help our business leaders and their teams reach their markets early. This is one of the driving forces behind many enterprise companies implementing Agile best practices. However, it is extremely vital that companies understand which methods will work for them.

Our packages are bespoke and tailored to meet the needs within your organisations. Be that to implement Agile frameworks such as SAFe, Kanban or SCRUM, streamline it or explore better ways of working that meet the demands from your customers.

We have embarked on several transformation experiments and we really believe that each organisation is unique and therefore it’s important that we avoid the ‘cookie cutter’ approach and ensure that your needs are met time and time again.

Our mission is to deliver Agile in a way that fits the needs of your people and your organisation.

Transformation Services

With extensive experience in leading successful Agile deliveries for companies large and small, our packages combine Agile techniques with deep industry expertise and experience at all levels within your organisation.

Leaders in an Agile World

We believe that change begins at the top and therefore this package is aimed at introducing the benefits that agile practices can have to your organisation.

Product Owners in an Agile World

The difference between a Project Manager and a Product Manager is vast. One manages teams and the delivery of a project and the other manages the delivery of a product. Agile focuses more towards delivering products over projects and this package guides Product Owners towards working with their teams to deliver great products that meet customer needs.

Delivery Teams in an Agile World

Delivery Teams are at the heart of doing the work required to build a product for your customers. Teams who collaborate and work in a way that aligns to the vision or goal are far more likely to succeed. This package guides teams through agile frameworks that fit their working ways and introduces the practices they can follow to become a team that works collaboratively.

Organisations in an Agile World

This package focuses on exploring what organisations are going through that has led them towards a need for business change. We explore and discover the trials and tribulations the organisation is facing, uncover the ‘elephant in the room’ and guide them towards generating new ideas and solutions that would positively impact the growth and sustainability of your organisation.