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One of the big myths in the Agile world is that Agile does not need Management. The real answer is more complex and there’s more to be done. Command and control and micro-management conflict with todays requirement of leaders and the mindset and actions of great Leadership are vital to the success of any Agile endeavour.

We were thrilled to team up with Agile Tour London 2019 to bring you a new new series of talks about ‘Leading in an Agile World’. The conference takes place Friday 18 October, 2019 and everyone’s welcome!

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Who Spoke on the Leadership Track?

Our speakers talk about Agile Leadership and why it is essential for an organisation to effect true Agile business change.
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Jeremy Renwick


Jeremy has been part of and led teams that deliver technology enabled business change for
over 30 years; from the world’s first electronic banking system to the digital transformation of
criminal justice in England and Wales.

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Jim Hamil

Future Digital Leaders

With 40 years International Management experience, Jim is widely recognised as a leading expert on International Business/Marketing, Digital Disruption, Strategy and Leadership for the Digital Era.

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Portia Tung

The School of Play

Portia is a Personal and Executive coach, Agile coach and play researcher creating transformative change in a range of organisations including the Prime Minister’s Office, the NHS, British Airways and global financial institutions.

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Damien O’Connor


Damien started his agile journey working alongside a prominent agile consultancy as a software developer. From there he moved into project and programme management positions using various delivery methods, approaches, and techniques ultimately helping teams develop impactful software.

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Sheetal Thaker

Agile World

Helping organisations achieve successful results by embracing Agile ways of working is what Sheetal thrives upon. Coming from a software development background and having consulted for several large scale organisations, her vision is to guide agile transformations in a way that’s fun, noticeable and rewarding.

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Nick Winwright

Totaljobs Group

Nick is the Programme Delivery Director at Totaljobs Group. Currently interested in running lots of experiments on how different behaviours effects communities and teams in the workplace with the aim of continually promoting a positive culture that facilitates great product development.


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