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This is a podcast series that shares fun confessions from people who’ve spent a large part of their career working in the agile world. Hear the mistakes they made along the way so you can avoid falling into the same traps in the future. Created and run by Giles Lindsay who plays the coach who absolves his guests of the sins made in the agile world. It’s time to listen in on the latest instalment.

JF Unson

April 03, 2021

JF started off as an engineer in Silicon Valley a little over 30 years ago. He was about to give up his career in tech after slogging through many-a-death march projects when he discovered some interesting discussions about TDD on netnews in the mid to late 90s, the internet before the web. Those postings changed his life, and he’s been an Agilist ever since. Today, he is a coach at an upcoming start-up, helping People Operations and Marketing get on the Agile train.

Stephen Morris

March 06, 2021

Stephen helps IT leaders build fearless, engaged and outcome-focused teams that truly drive organisations forward: Teams that ROCK!
He is an accomplished and award-winning leader with over 15 years’ experience in complex, uncertain and high-scale technical organizations, including a decade leading customer, infrastructure, product, and software functions at some leading UK cloud providers. He co-owns a boutique leadership consultancy working with both corporates and SMEs.

Jordan Husney

January 16, 2021

Jordan is CEO of Parabol, the leading free retrospective and agile meeting platform. He was formerly a strategy director at Undercurrent, an organizational transformation firm in New York and led transformations at GE, American Express, and PepsiCo. Prior to this he was a product manager and engineer, developing connected hardware. He cares most about enabling people to feel a sense of meaning from their work. His biggest agile influence is Bob Gower, formerly of Rally Software.

Femi Odelusi

December 19, 2020

Femi is a Chartered Accountant by background. An Agile Coach who helps individuals, teams, leadership, and organisations to be the best they can be. Substantial experience in Transformation journeys within Financial Institutions, FinTech, Payments Serves. A champion for Workplace Diversity, Inclusion, and Eradicating Unconscious Bias. In this episode, Femi confesses to the sin of making teams take on too many story points.

Scott Seivwright

December 12, 2020

Scott is a Full Stack Agile Coach! He has been unlearning ways of creating value and flow from way way back in the 1980s when he started in testing. He fell in love with Lean with Deming and then Systems thinking from Checkland. He works with organisations who are transforming to more flow based ways of working. He is passionate about Diversity , inclusion and finding fresh voices and new ideas. In his confessional, Scott confesses to the sin of heckling!


December 05, 2020

Jon is an experienced Executive and Generative Coach and Agile Consultant helping leaders, teams and organisations to achieve effective change. Jon’s vision is to empower professionals to innovate, collaborate and grow. He specialises in engaging with leaders working with organisational change to help them to lead the way and achieve successful outcomes for themselves, their teams and the overall environment.

Rachelle Harvey

November 28, 2020

Rachelle is a transformational coach and Principle Agile Coach with Infosys specialising in expediting long term desired behavioural changes through the power of habits and core to this is the agile mindset. She says though, that she has not “been agile” as long as she’s been “doing agile”. In this episode, she confess her cardinal sins of attempting scripted agile by the “book” and the heinous crime of becoming a “Scrum Mum”. But what did she learn? And what will be her penance?


November 21, 2020

Chris is The Virtual Agile Coach. An agility lead, #PeopleFirst champion, Vlogger, speaker & trainer who always seeks to gamify content and create immersive agile experiences. An Agile convert back on 2012, Chris has since sought to broaden his experiences, escape his echo chamber and to fearlessly challenge dysfunction & ask the difficult questions. In this confessional, Chris confesses to the Agile sin of referring to people as resources and dogmatically applying agile principles.

David Michel

November 14, 2020

David has been in the agile space for more than 10 years. He’s been through a lot of roles, from developer, business analyst, Scrum Master, to Product Owner & now Agile coach. David is a strong advocate for balancing delivery with discovery activities to make sure development projects deliver business value and not just more features. You can find him on YouTube on his channel The Agile Broadcast where he explores and teaches agile concepts & ideas.


November 07, 2020

Ben is a trainer, coach, adviser, author, and speaker in Agile, Lean, Quality, and Continuous Improvement. His books and games are translated into more than 12 languages and used by professionals and organisations all around the world. His latest book, ‘Problem? What Problem?’ explores dealing effectively with impediments. In his confessional, Ben confesses how he managed a team in a command and control way and forgot to let the world know how the team became truly agile before agile was invented.


November 01, 2020

Sheetal is the founder of Agile World Associates, a company that introduces new thinking, tools and practices to create better organisational cultures and ways of working delivering outcomes customers and clients love. Sheetal discovered the Agile World when she worked in the south of France in 2010 and in this confession, Sheetal accidentally tells her French team she knew SCRUM when she didn’t have a scooby. She also confessed to changing things around.


October 24, 2020

Neil is an Agile lead, coach & change activist, launching his Agile journey in 1992. He’s used his vast experiences to revitalise teams & transform organisations to operate with agility. An advocate of Agile outside of IT by 2005 he’d created & led a Business Agility coup within a global SI! Even now seeks to continually apply Agile innovatively inc social care services, head injury rehab. In this confessional, Neil confesses to the Agile Sin of resting on his Agile laurels.


October 17, 2020

Alkesh is an Enterprise Agile Coach and with over 40 years experience in business and IT. He certainly has bruises to show how not to do things. Constantly learning he has a deep passion for behaviour and culture of organizations and why people act the way they do. In this confessional Alkesh confesses to the sins of making money out of imparting common sense and of mixing methodologies to help his consulting clients.


October 10, 2020

Alistair is an Agile Professional and Chartered Accountant with a passion for the psychology of human motivation and leadership. He believes that humans have an infinite capacity for greatness, and the human brain has an infinite capacity for problem solving. But we can shut each other’s brains down if we don’t apply emotional intelligence to our communications. In this confessional Alistair confesses to the Agile Sin of having been a command and control leader.


October 03, 2020

Budget haircuts are common in large organisations triggered when finance need to clawback funds to meet budget. We Agilists take a dim view of this wasteful cycle, but since nobody ever lets us run the finances, we’ve never been able to prove how much better we could do.
Until Russ, TheAgiliser was handed the spreadsheet and told to save $600k.
Find out how he did and why he’s grateful there are project managers out there who know how to manage the firm’s resources.

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