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This assessment has been designed by our agile experts to evaluate and help you understand the level of business agility that exists within your organisation. It will provide insights into where you are today, reinforce where you have come from, and give you an idea where you are going.

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Project teams can clearly define what they are working on

Project teams consist of 10 members or less

Project teams are using agile frameworks such as SCRUM or Kanban to deliver their work

Please tick the types of meetings held by your teams

All teams have a dedicated product owner who is accessible to the team at all times

The team work off a prioritised backlog

The product owner is responsible for prioritising the backlog

Real users/customers are providing feedback to the team

The team are known to be experimenting with prototypes

The team take time to reflect on previous work

The team measures their deliverables to see how they are performing

The team estimate work based on size and not hours or days

Senior leadership are encouraging departments to work in an agile way

Senior leadership are very much engaged and interested in attending product demonstrations

Line Managers are actively encouraging agile training and development for their teams

Teams in other departments meet frequently to discuss what they are currently working on

Work environments are meeting friendly and enables collaboration

Staff have the right tools and equipment to do their jobs effectively

No product is launched without thorough testing

Teams are empowered and self-organising

Teams have a clearly defined product roadmap

The delivery of a product is frequently evolving based on customer feedback

Customer profiles are clearly defined and understood

User journeys are clearly defined and understood

There is a technical roadmap to ensure scalability for your product

There is a clearly defined MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Project/Product delivery is broken down into phases such as discovery/alpha/beta/live

Progress is clearly visible to all stakeholders

The product is delivered early and often to market so customers can start to benefit straightaway

The outcome of a product is frequently evolving based on customer feedback

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