Welcome to Agile World

We recognise that embarking on a transformational journey to more agile ways of working can be difficult. You may have tried it before, be unclear on where start or just need a helping hand along your journey.

Our vision is to help organisations work with people who really understand the true spirit of Agile and help you lead the way towards reducing risk, increasing revenue and reaching your customers fast.


Change can be challenging. It requires a mindset shift in your people and often a similar shift in your business culture too. Perhaps a prior transformation attempt wasn’t regarded as successful. Whatever your current circumstances, we are here to help support and guide you through the journey, from sowing the seeds of change through to a successful business transformation.

Our focus is you and how you can implement effective ways of working that delivers value to customers, empowers your staff and puts your organisation on the front foot.


Our core transformation packages are created to meet the needs of the people within your organisation. This starts at leadership level and works its way through to your executives, line managers and your delivery teams. With strong guidance from our Agile Coaches, we go fourth to support how agile is implemented within your organisation to ensure lasting change.


Our training courses are run by accredited Gold Partners and are highly sought after, fully certified and will give your organisation A sound understanding of Agile ways of working. We guide organisations by introducing theory and then executing the practices for agile deliveries.


Having the right teams to deliver your products and services is paramount to it’s success. At Agile World, we offer a unique service that tailor makes your ideal team depending on the product or service you are looking to deliver.  With the passion, drive, mindset and deep understanding of Agile ways of working, teams are more likely to deliver products and services that meet the needs of your customers and build upon the success of your business.

Companies we have worked with

We help optimise product delivery from start-to-end by spending time with you, listening to your needs and ensuring that we provide the most optimum solution.


Our client solutions are driven by a unique, strategic-focusing process.
A proven, systematic and structured method for clients to think, plan, monitor and achieve greater results in their businesses and lives.

The firm provided excellent support, both on the creative and technical side. The firm is run by serious professionals with real enthusiasm and expertise. They can make a difference.
Andre SokolAkira Partners
Agile World always delivered excellent results and on time. The team are great to work with and I would not hesitate in recommending them for future jobs
David NelsonFujitsu, London
Agile World was brought in to save a floundering project. I have always found them to be smart, organised and bring new ideas to the table, and to approach a project from a 'Can-do' perspective. I would have no reservation in recommending them to any potential company.
Mark BeardsworthIHS Markit